Come join many of our community leaders, friends, & neighbors who want to re-elect Mary Balkema for Kalamazoo County Treasurer, including:

  • Congressman Fred Upton
  • Attorney General Bill Schuette
  • Former Congressman Pete Hoekstra
  • State Senator Tonya Schuitmaker
  • Former Speaker of the House, State Rep Jase Bolger
  • State Senator Margaret O’Brien
  • State Representative Aric Nesbitt
  • Portage Mayor Pete Strazdas
  • State Rep Dave Maturen
  • Portage Mayor Pro Tem Nasim Ansari
  • State Rep Brandt Iden
  • Kalamazoo County Commissioner Dale Shugars
  • Kalamazoo County Commissioner Scott McGraw
  • Kalamazoo County Vice Chair Jeff Heppler
  • Former Kalamazoo County Commissioner John Zull
  • Former Kalamazoo City Commissioner Robert Cinabro
  • Former Kalamazoo City Commissioner Barb Miller
  • Former Alamo Township Trustee Dawn Potter-Williams
  • Former Climax Township Treasurer Don Schultz
  • Texas Township Trustee Trish Roberts
  • Texas Township Trustee Wendy Mazer
  • Cooper Township Supervisor Jeff Sorensen
  • Cooper Township Treasurer Carol DeHaan
  • Cooper Township Trustee Fred Vlietstra
  • Pavilion Township Supervisor Pat White
  • Former State Senator Dr. Tom George
  • Former State Senator Paul Wartner
  • Former Kalamazoo County Treasurer Sharon Cubitt
  • Former Kalamazoo County Drain Commissioner Patrick Krause
  • Former Portage Mayor James Graham
  • Former Kalamazoo City Commissioner Al Heilman
  • John W. Allen
  • Cindy Charnley
  • Darnell Clay
  • Rose A. Dame
  • Robert & Mary Doud
  • Alan & Sally Enderle
  • Kiar Gamsho
  • John & Marie Polderman
  • Martin Jassen
  • Vern & Sally Kuipers
  • Norm Langeland
  • Larry Leuth
  • Brian Long
  • Dr. James & Patricia Melluish
  • Jerry Meinzinger
  • Gordon Miller
  • David & Leslee Roberts
  • Paul Vlietstra
  • Greg Vlietstra, Former Deputy Treasurer, Kalamazoo County
  • Jerry Whitaker
  • Steven Woloszyk
  • Dave Worthams,  County Road Commisison
  • Polly Youngs
  • Ellen Maxwell
  • Megan Buwalda


  • Greater Kalamazoo Association of Realtors PAC

If you would like to join the team, please fill out the following form to add your name to the list:

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