Mary’s Platform

The duties of the Kalamazoo Treasurer are the following:

I manage the County’s money – I manage over $100 million dollars.  I follow Public Act 20.  I research investment opportunities daily and have an actively managed portfolio.

I manage the delinquent tax process. – I have automated the office and accept checks, cash or credit cards.  We have hundreds of taxpayers on payment plans.  I do extensive outreach to help taxpayers avoid foreclosure.  I raised $100,000 in private money to assist taxpayers who were experiencing financial hardship.

I foreclose on delinquent parcels – I start the process with over 2,000 parcels.  We actively knock on doors and contact taxpayers to avoid the loss of property.  The majority of taxpayers redeem their parcels.

I applied for a $15 million dollars stimulus grant jointly with the city of Kalamazoo and have stabilized the tax base, removed blight (Kalamazoo Creamery and the old T.B. Hospital on Blakeslee Street) and have build new homes in the Marketplace subdivision.

I created the Kalamazoo County Land Bank Authority to deal with the effects of tax and mortgage foreclosure.  We have put many parcels back on the tax roll, creating affordable housing and have hired local people from the county to do the work.

I am passionate about fiscal responsibility, strong audits, good cash management and a strong tax base.  I want people to pay fair assessments.

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